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Pipeworks / Renewals

We have the capacity to remove, setup and install the piping required by your vessel’s various systems; such as fuel, ballast, fire and hydraulic. Our procedures are endorsed by different classification societies for pipes of up to 16” diameter, schedule 80; we ensure the quality of our work through different non-destructive tests (pneumatic tests, hydraulic tests, x-rays, ultrasound, among others)

Bilge and engine room clean up
Our cleaning team is certified for work in confined spaces and for handling dangerous substances. Cleanups are performed either according to the client’s request until gas-free condition is achieved for hot works or paint schemes. The solid and liquid waste obtained from such processes is disposed of in authorized treatment plants, thus ensuring their proper disposition.

Cleaning of water, ballast and fuel tanks
We carry out the extraction of sludge and liquids from the vessel’s various tanks through trained and certified personnel.

Other Services

After 45 years of experience we know the demands and needs of our clients,

taking into account the quality standards and certifications.

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