María del Carmen IV

María del Carmen IV

RINA classified tanker owned by a major Ecuadorian company; 70 days of intense work, over 34 tons of steel renewal, maintenance of more than 175 valves of different systems, workshop maintenance and repair of pressure and vacuum valves, repair of propellers, replacement of axle and rudder seal boxes,

workshop-based inspection of tail and rudder shafts, laying of 900 m of wiring for electrical system, 880 m of pipes in various diameters were revamped, paintjob for underwater and topside and some ballast tanks, repair of multiple deck accessories such as walkways, railings, spill trays, among others.

Customers' Testimony


Why would you recommend us or what are Astivik’s strengths?

From my experience I think that the strength of ASTIVIK is its people. It is a young working group with a lot of energy and ambition for continuous professional growth and the result of this is the growth of the shipyard.

Sergio Alava Z.